How to hack an atm

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Trojans-Ghosthunters 2013 Highlights

Turku Trojans-Nokia Ghosthunter I divisioonan ottelu 26.5.2013. Highlights-kooste. Kuvaus: Riku Flink/ Editointi: Kari Toivonen/Turku Trojans.
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A The righteous brothers Cover.

JCU Singapore Student Information Technology Project

Watch the exciting footage behind the production of our cute JCU Singapore Kangaroo that moves upon detection of human movement!
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Information Technology - Computer Systems Administration Specialist

The Information Technology – Computer Systems Administration Specialist program provides students with a foundation in computer systems along with strong loc…
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WordPress Custom Page Template

Learn how to create a custom page template within WordPress manually. Shows some great techniques to make a custom page template fast & easy. Feel free to vi…
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Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Web Design with WordPress 101 course. Today we’ll explore how to create pages using WordPress. We will cover techniques …

Understanding health promotion – A short introduction

Health promotion is a rich area of ideas, approaches and research. Want the bite-size serve to begin understanding it?

Inkjet vs Laser Printers

I Need Your Help: (Please Support) – Everyone has a printer, but what type do you have?
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Make your own tattoos using and inkjet or a laser printer. Very simple to make and effective, last up to one week and can be washed off using soap and water….
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Introduction to PHP – 3 (UNC Webmasters)

uncweb | February 04, 2011 | 0 likes, 0 dislikes Daniel Reeves conducts an introductory PHP workshop at the February meet-up of UNC-Chapel Hill Webmasters. *…
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Google Search With Crazy Guy Prank Call

Jared prank calls a random guy saying he’s from Google and wanted to talk about this guy’s search history….This prank is so long but worth every single sec…
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Hacking Manual Coin operated vending machine

How to hack a Manual Coin operated vending machine – This particular one has old, out of date items, check out the exploding M&M’s – they are plastic coin op…

Future Living (2050) – Technology

Future Living (2050) - Technology

This video is a small presentation as we could live in 2050 – 2075! What techniques will prevail rather what not? i made this video for my presentation at sc…
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Enabling Intel Smart Response Technology on Intel Desktop Boards

Step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of Intel Smart Response Technology on Intel Desktop Boards to achieve SSD-like performance with HDD capacity that…

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